Thank you very much for your interest in an integration with protel PMS and welcome to the protelfamily!

What to do now?
Please read the following carefully and follow the steps laid out in the process.

We have set up a comprehensive process to create an integration with any third-party system. 
There are several ways to integrate to protel and we will find together with you the best one. protel will consider both of us as partner for this project.

Points of Contact at protel

For every step, you will have a dedicated specialist available.

Until the certification starts the Marketplace Manager will communicate and be there for you.

After the certification process started, you will get an Integration Specialist who will guide you through the certification process. 

And when your system is certified Partnership Management will take over and be there for requests and for your questions. 

Possible Actions on protel Marketplace

Integration process steps

But now to the process: 

The first step probably was done by you already: 

Afterward, the process is as follows:  

  • Sign a NDA

  • We would need a detailed description of your use cases

  • We would need from you a list of customers or prospects to help us make a business case for the Integration 

    You should identify a protel Air AND a protel OnPrem pilot customer. 
    This will allow us to certify both PMS in one effort

  • Please check the following pages to compare your use cases to the ones covered per message type and to prepare the Integration Agreement accordingly:

    Revenue Management Systems (RMS)
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Kiosk Systems (KSK)
    Central Reservation Systems (CRS)
    Upsell Systems (UPS)

  • We should arrange a call to discuss your technical requirements in detail 

  • Then we can provide you with an Integration Agreement and estimation of effort for the integration

    You ensure the Int. Agreement accurately describes the technical details of the Integration
    If you are happy with the Int. Agreement, please sign and return.

  • protel will issue an invoice for the certification fee upfront.
    The amount is depending upon the used protocol and other details (we will explain this in our Technical Requirements Call)

  • You complete the development needed on your side and confirm back as soon as you are ready to start. Please read through the general documentation Exchanging Data and the specific Message Documentation to develop your web service. Please note, that protel always uses an asynchronous communication between protel and your system which is explained here: Exchanging Data#FormatoftheAcknowledgment(ASYNCcommunication)

  • The protel.I/O - XSD Message Validation Service (MVS) tool will help you to validate your inbound messages against our valid message structures before starting with the 1:1 certification testing.
    As soon as you have confirmed the completion and validated all your inbound messages we will then agree a start date and proposed timeline for the Integration.

  • You will have a Kick Off Call with your dedicated Integration Specialist to talk about the integration process in detail.

  • After having finalized the certification testing, the pilot installation(s) will be done - pilot phase is starting.
    (pilot phase = 14-day period without issues (the periods starts from the beginning in case of any issues discovered)

  • Completed pilot phase will initiate the handover process to our support team incl. documentation for further installations (which will of course be reviewed together with you).

  • Handover done? Congratulations: You now have a certified integration to protel (pAir and/or on prem) and we will announce the product on our Marketplace as 'Ready to sell'
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